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Hosted by: @allybnoel @cece.carson @eileendelatorre @natashaswinter @yogaandchaigirl

November 9-16

The year is slip sliding away & rather than dread the winter, we want to slide right into it! Sliding is a fun way to add variety to your fitness practice. Adding instability creates the strength to stabilize! Each day your hosts will pick a Sliding Drill & will show you how to do it! Check all the hosts for their beginner through advanced variations! No sliders? No problem! You don’t need special equipment, you can use washcloths, paper plates, or a variety of other tools we will show!


Hosted by: @lydia_lucenic @insta_yogini @inlove_withyoga @liron_yoga @stresslessyas

November 9-16

The year may have started out with some unexpected events and the energy may seem low and the fear may seem high. We want to focus on releasing those negative feelings and thoughts and instead focus on the positive. It is a challenge for all levels and we will focus on our overall wellbeing.


Hosted by: @jadebellyyoga @jbreton22 @bowlingandyoga"

November 9-16

Wrapping any pose into eagle legs is challenging, fun and very pretty! So we want to present a challenge based on doing eagle legs in a variety of poses. Each host will present a variant on the given pose and participants can copy or come up with their own fun and unique idea. A wide array of poses will be presented to create an inclusive and supportive challenge, allowing participants to express themselves and show their individual styles and levels of practice. We want to appeal to all levels and make this challenge fun and accessible to everyone.


Hosted by: @annesivaasen @jennypinseavy @themermaidyogi @kittycatdang @annphuong_ @cissynansera

November 9-16

This challenge has 8 yoga poses designed to keep you warm and healthy during the winter months! To prime our bodies this winter, we will do twisting poses poses to create heat and stimulate the fire within, improving circulation and keeping your Agni strong. Agni, or digestive fire is vital for digesting food and nutrients, and for keeping alive the fires of passion, discipline, and willpower.


Hosted by: @shiziks @stelasulzdorf @freckled_yogi @amy.yogini @yogialxx

November 9-16

In yoga, we all have our fave poses—the ones we absolutely love to practice all the time and feel comfortable in. Maybe they come effortlessly, or just feel amazing. Then on the flip side, we also have those poses we typically find challenging and tend to avoid. Some might call those our nemesis asanas—the ones we say we don’t like. But in order for us to grow and progress in our practice, it’s important to work on both the asanas we feel comfortable in and love, as well as those we find more challenging and difficult. So join us on this 8 day journey, as we work on the asanas we absolutely love, as well as those we also find more challenging. Let’s try to find a lovely balance, and not shy away from movements we need to put more work into. As everyone’s practice is individual to them, this challenge is all about choices. We’ll provide the theme for the day and you decide which pose is your fave, and which you need to work on. In the end of the day, we find so much growth in being challenged! Challenge open to all levels and abilities. Props and modifications are welcome.


Hosted by: @thecaramelyogi @myntcondition @yogituggle

November 9-16

The holidays might look a little different this year and we're not letting that stop us! Just follow each day's pose and feel free to add any variation or modification you want! Release the energy that no longer serves you and have fun!


Hosted by: @yogaaddictedmia @yuki_peachy @kominamijunko @aerial_delights

November 9-16

It’s time to think outside the box. The idea behind this challenge is to perform poses on props related to sports; for e.g: straps, weight bench, yoga blocks, chairs, skateboards, rollerblades, kettlebells, dumbbells, yoga wheel or any equipment related to a sport. It’s time to get creative and use these props to achieve the poses you want!


Hosted by: @michellestaudenherz @supyogawithkarine @maikeyoga @yogi_kaity @jasmine_poletastix @rhythm_of_yoga

November 9-17

Winter can aggravate conditions that can weaken your immune system, so it's essential to take good care of ourselves at this time of year. In addition to following a healthy routine and diet, having a healthy diet and winter routine, yoga can be our additional protective cover this winter, providing us energy and the strength to fight common infections. We invite you to add warmth into your body and mind during this challenge. All levels are welcome to join!


Hosted by: @spanishyogagirl @temyoga @ashtangi_ali @yogawithgandha @indirajoga

November 9-18

Often our yoga practice goes beyond the physical asanas, and one of our favourite parts is to use affirmations as a form of prayer, meditation, or encouragement to achieve our goals. In this challenge, we will enjoy a daily asana complemented with a self-love affirmation.


Hosted by: @daf_hne @ele_argi @charmed_by_yoga @sabine.appleby @olga_gafita

November 9-18

This is has certainly become a very difficult time for everyone. We would like to remind you that the yogic community is always united, even on Instagram! We try to spread love and passion, joy and positive vibes, creating a virtual hug that involves everyone! With that in mind, we will work on some binding poses! Let’s bind!


Hosted by: @amandaalohayoga @asana_al @aylineriten @heloise_mazzotti @_tamayoga

November 9-18

Join us for a fun yoga challenge where we celebrate our bodies and all the fun shapes they can create. Each day we have a themed shape and you’ll create and post your own creative version of it. Hosts will share their variations for participants to take inspiration, however, you can create anything you’d like. There aren’t any specific rules except to have fun, be safe, & inspire each other!


Hosted by: @tania_romanenia @flou_yoga @omwithmelissa @yogi_shazzbam

November 9-18

Yoga gives us many benefits, both physical and, above everything, mental benefits. A good yoga practice is like giving a hug to our soul. Join the hosts to explore different ways to hug our soul through our yoga practice.


Hosted by: @lottasebzdayoga @cyberyoga @ericarinyoga @gesticulate @kristopherpace

November 9-18

During 10 days we will explore different kinds of handstands, specifically how to move into and between them. We will offer the postures everyday, and the participants are free to choose any variation they like and add a few words or tutorial. This challenge is unique, in that it is set up as a game! The starting point will be a straight handstand and each day we will add one movement until we have a sum of 10 movements. Option 1: Take each transition a part in each day. Option 2: Reversing everything each day and changing gaze.


Hosted by: @piccolayogini @kwang_angkana @syoghina @liu.yanti @shreeyoga

November 9-18

"I've decided to make myself strong. As far as I can tell, that's all I can do." - Haruki Marakumi. Being strong has a variety of meanings that go beyond the simple, pure physical strength. I am strong when I am not looking anywhere else than within myself to find joy, happiness, peace; I am, also, strong when I choose to be alone rather than with the wrong person: what does being strong mean to you? Yoga can help us become stronger human beings on the physical, mental and emotional level: it quite often pushes us to work in uncomfortable zones and overcoming that feeling of discomfort is the key of growing stronger. The ability to concentrate and remove distractions from the mind is, also, a powerful tool to achieve mental and emotional strength. Let's explore together what being strong means and how yoga can give us the tools to achieve physical, mental and emotional strength.


Hosted by: @yogawithhammer @silkymariesky @yogawithromy @begoodkarma @wanderwithwu

November 9-18

As much as we try to find balance in this practice, we all have poses that are secretly our favorites, and other poses that we hope the teacher saves for later. In #alofavesandsaves we will share our favorite and not-so-favorite postures, knowing we could all use a little extra love and time with those postures we avoid.


Hosted by: @ciel70 @pigeatsfish @galaortin @monica.b.wilson @heartmaher

November 9-18

Fall is a season when the temperature starts to cool down and begins to effect our bodies. Practicing heart opening in the fall isn’t as easy as it is during those warm summer days. So let’s step into the autumn breeze and continue to open our hearts in this challenge.


Hosted by: @airyogagirl @rosiebrunin @this_dog_is_down @traveling_yogigirl @twistedgalpal2.0

November 9-18

This November, as the seasons are changing we hope to inspire each and every yogi to start these new seasons off fresh and renewed. Over the next ten days, we will offer asanas that help detox the body and mind, allowing you to connect, refresh, and renew yourselves.


Hosted by: @tunaapari @inspiremyyoga @trachoy_yoga @yogafter40 @tine_yogini

November 9-18

"Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Night and Fireworks Night, is an annual commemoration observed on 5 November, primarily in the United Kingdom. Keeping the traditions of ‘Fireworks Night’ alive in true yogic style and join us from 5 November for 10 days of ‘fire-cracking’ shapes. Each day we will give you a firecracker pose and you could heat it up by adding your own sparkle. All levels are welcome!


Hosted by: @evasofia_ @nathalieshanti @miranda.avidyogi @nathalie.moves @elinafromsweden

November 9-18

Winter is upon us! very soon! Let's prepare for this season together with a positive attitude! How to turn your fears into fun? How to switch off those negative feelings and switch on your brightest light ever? Let’s work on it by creating some fun shapes! Join us for this challenge where we will create shapes to invoke a positive mood and carry that with us all through winter!


Hosted by: @stardivakhushi @yogawithina @helen_garner_yoga @krisjamaica @sarahuactive

November 9-18

Mantra is an instrument of the mind—a powerful sound or vibration that we use to enter a deep state of meditation. Every day we will have one mantra to talk about - to explain meaning behind it. Poses will be optional, everyone can share the pose of choice that resonates with their mood, daily mantra or anything they feel like sharing.


Hosted by: @irosenav @thatfitmum @dr.ritsfilterlife @lilpeasnpots @mommy_imperfect

November 9-18

According to ancient yogic sutras, there is a divine masculine energy taking the form of Shiva and a divine feminine energy taking the form of a goddess, Shakti. Men or women, each one of us has Shiva and Shakti aspects to our being. We hold these energies within us and, when united, gives a complete balance, joy and presence within our very being. Shiva or Shakti are not superior nor inferior to each other. In fact, union of these two divine forces completes a human being and our existence.


Hosted by: @belenpcaviness @alysia_cen @divyak_yoga @doll_yogi_grace @yogi__bee

November 9-18

With all events being cancelled or postponed this year, we wanted to bring a yoga challenge filled with some epic festival energy! This challenge is about sharing, connecting, and highlighting different cultures, varying themes, and different festivals!


Hosted by: @calmwithcolly @erika_yoga_and_unicorns @yoga_blake @chelseaannyoga @christajanine

November 10-17

Let’s get moving this November for #YogaMOVEmber! Movement is not only important to keep our bodies strong but is also a key component for our mental health. Join us as we move through each chakra, finding postures that balance our body and mind. Each day hosts will share their favorite posture as it relates to the chakras while also sharing the importance and benefits of each pose!


Hosted by: @mintyogini @one_teaspoon_insight @yogiinthecity_ @roby_vanzella @yogitos_zs

November 10-17

Fall, a transitional season as the heat of the summer dies down and the weather starts becoming cooler, is typically considered to be a time of the year where we turn inward. Animals begin to prepare for hibernation and, in the same way, human beings too begin to prepare for the winter. The days become shorter, the nights longer, the leaves of the trees turn yellow and eventually fall. Human beings are part of nature and it’s only natural that these changes would affect us in some way. In Ayurveda, fall is the time of Vata dosha, which in excess may cause imbalances such as anxiety, lack of focus, and restlessness. Through this challenge we would like to offer space for participants to focus inside and nourish their bodies and soul in self care practices and asanas to support their overall wellbeing, sustain their health, and enjoy the beauty of this wonderful season.


Hosted by: @livinleggings @sarka_yoga @skclay86 @yogi_liza @yogi.bree @yogawesermarsch

November 10-17

This year has been quite different for a lot of us. Lots of change and sometimes it’s hard to see the good. Let’s take this time especially now to pause and reflect on everything that we have, that we can be grateful for and see the beauty that surrounds us. There is always, always something to be thankful for. Sometimes we just have to dig deeper to find it. So join us for 8 days filled with gratitude. Remember you can share as much or as little with us. This is all about being comfortable in your practice and with yourself.


Hosted by: @em.shapes @yoga_mami @renny_sito @yogi.hemaxi @belleyogatokyo

November 10-19

We give you a theme; let’s get creative with shapes and perspectives both on and off the mat! You can get up close, shoot from above, sides, try different angles, flip things upside down... the only limit is your imagination.


Hosted by: @erin.e.yogini @kayla_countess @simonagyoga @theparisjames

November 11-18

With everything that’s going on right now, we think it’s great to wind down, get cozy, relax and enjoy some rejuvenating YIN stretches.


Hosted by: @tiny.kirsty @getfityogagirl @_inversioness @em.luker @flora.bertrand @saminyoga

November 11-18

This challenge is all about inversion shapes! Pick any inversion and the hosts will give you the shape. Be as creative as you want, maybe your inversion is a handstand, maybe it’s a downward facing dog— either way, have fun and show us your love for shapes!


Hosted by: @handstandidaho @beahappyamy @jenbellyoga @thisgoatslife @yogawithrona

November 11-20

Many countries worldwide honor their veterans throughout November. Let’s come together and pay tribute to all the men and women in uniform all over the world for their selfless dedication, bravery and strength.


Hosted by: @yogaromina @kelleyapril @yogimegs @whitneydavisyoga @elliegriffinwellness

November 11-20

This a fun challenge, with a play on ten days to feel more Zen. Each day we will have a pose theme and journal type theme. For example, letting go of blame, letting go of judgement, letting go of anger, doubt, competing, comparing, etc. The poses will be themed towards choose your own heart opener, inversion, arm balance, seated pose, balancing, etc. Join us for ten days to zen!


Hosted by: @micoldelloro @dr_kaufman @clemeyoga @yoga_helwahtin @shamaris111 @cindywuyoga

November 14-21

Everything in our universe is radiating energy, from the biggest mountain or ocean, to the tiniest blade of grass and to each individual cell in our body. All of our cells emit energy in different ways, and different cells will emit different kinds of energy depending on where they are located within the body and what their job is. Chakras are the several different channels located on the key points of the body through which energy can flow in and out in a constant stream. It should come as no surprise, then, that given the specialized nature of your body’s energy. Keeping our chakras open and our energy flowing is fundamental for wellbeing, as well as physical, emotional and spiritual. A practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment, fostering a belief that positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything.


Hosted by: @micoldelloro @dr_kaufman @clemeyoga @yoga_helwahtin @shamaris111 @cindywuyoga

November 15-22

We have so many inspiring yogis in our yoga community from all over the world! So join us for this challenge where we honor people who have motivated and inspired us to be better, work harder, and stay positive. We are constantly lifting one another up and supporting each other on this platform, so this will be a great way for us to come together to share our practice and help continue to build the community with yoga.


Hosted by: @dardarling_ @ansoyoga @gypsea_yogi @soulthesea @terataiyoga

November 15-24

We’d love to offer and encourage to practice what we normally shy away from when on our yoga mats. #BadSideYogi will be a challenge focused on improving and strengthening our more difficult areas in our practice! During this challenge each day we will be asking our participants to work on certain area of their body where they need to add flexibility/strength. Instead of highlighting only our strengths, we will be opening our hearts to being vulnerable, learning to be free from judgment by others and, most importantly, by ourselves.


Hosted by: @laraedereryoga @lightfulyogini2.0 @bentley.likethecar @robinmartinyoga

November 16-23

Have you ever had that moment in a yoga class where the teacher cues you into a pose and you feel like you’re playing a game of twister? Join us for 8 days of all the hands and feet combinations we could think of! Get as creative as you like, use props or walls, and just have fun!


Hosted by: @cupcakesandyoga @marens_om @ninayoganow @rosariamazzon @kimterpstra_yoga

November 16-23

Are you ready to mix it up and bring some seasoning into your practice?! If so, join our yogic culinary mixed poses! Here you have to be the chef of your own pose and come up with your own awesomely inventive ‘Pose Recipes!' All you have to do is mix up 2 (or more) pose combinations for each day and be as creative as you like! Try to use each pose ‘ingredient’ (or a modification of it) at least once by the end of the challenge! ⁣⁣By the end of our 8 day challenge, you must have used all the ingredients in your pantry!


Hosted by: @barefoot.suzie @lousianafaaberg @anasheyoga @nour_yoga @fani_filou

November 16-25

This challenge is designed with yin yoga and stretches in mind, to help release stress before the start of the holiday season, and to improve on physical and mental flexibility.


Hosted by: @frog_queenyoga @innerdiamondyoga @zenbeeni @rachelbyogini @charmainehevans @linayogifreeman

November 17-26

Throughout this challenge, we want to share gratitude! In a world where we are always moving so fast, it can be nice to take a moment to slow down and notice what we can be grateful for. Throughout this 10-day challenge, we have poses and mantras/affirmations to help guide us. Each day we will ask participants to share a pose that makes them feel the mantra/affirmation.


Hosted by: @carolineanneyoga @northernstar_yoga @slma_ab @geeoice_yoga @ehatss_fit

November 17-26

We would like to give participants the opportunity to reflect on all they are grateful for as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday while channeling their creativity to come up with a pose that incorporates “prayer hands.” Share someone or something you’re thankful for, while creating corresponding shapes with prayer hands.


Hosted by: @mrs_khaleesi_gaitherm@cloudspin_ @freedyogi @yogo.hafsa @norayogini

November 20-27

While November is often all about expressing gratitude or finding great shopping deals, we want to use this month to celebrate the yoga community! Yoga challenges are often as much about community as they are about shapes or poses, but how often do you really walk away from a challenge feeling like you really know one another? Join our international group of hosts as we explore common themes that connect us and take this opportunity to learn a little more about one another on and off the mat. This challenge is open to ALL levels! Please only share as much as you feel comfortable.


Hosted by: @stretchylicious @blaze_esther @nadiachislari @rebeccahleigh

November 20-29

There’s power in gratitude! It is more than simply saying “thank you”. Its amazing powers have the ability to shift us from focusing on the negative to appreciating what is positive in our lives. With the season of Thanksgiving upon us it is the perfect excuse to sit down, take a deep breath and reflect on thankfulness - recognizing the things, people and aspects of life that we appreciate.


Hosted by: @yogawithadriana @nataliee_yoga @kathie_yogi @brendaflows @crystalgrayofficial

November 20-30

This 11 day challenge is focused on heart opening poses and each day we want to know one thing in your life or one reason why you are grateful.

#Alo FreeHandAsanas

Hosted by: @nica.liew @crazyasiayoga @supermyca @rbf.julie @mingweikok

November 21-30

Free-handed asanas add to the challenge and power of balancing. Free hand asanas completely challenge our body balancing, body control, and our minds. This challenge is all about adding a free-handed element to our poses!


Hosted by: @kattiyoga @dominamaste @yogibeachhouse @motokoyoga @robin_danielle1

November 22-30

Changing your perspective can change your life! Join us in this 9 day journey of inversions to bring more abundance, gratitude and love into your world. By having your head below your heart, it allows flushing of the adrenal glands which releases endorphins that boost your mood. It can aid digestion, help to improve circulation, as well as calm the nervous system— an all natural anti-depressant! We will be exploring many accessible inversions that will give you all of the great benefits of inversions. We look forward to getting upside down with you!


Hosted by: @fit_yoga_girl @jacquinoelyoga @pacificyogi @sigikolbeyoga @silvizz

November 23-30

The end of November is a time for transitions. As we transition between seasons, we take this time to prepare for the upcoming changes - whether it’s slowing down for Winter or an excitement in the air for Summer. Likewise, we should pay attention to the transitions between asanas. Often times we can muddle through and not give our transitions the full attention they deserve. Transitions help us to prepare and set up the foundation for the next pose. So let’s give some love to transition poses. For each day of this challenge we have listed 3 poses at different levels - the middle one being the transition. You’re welcome to do all three or just one. Please listen to your body and take variations wherever you need to.


Hosted by: @claudiapiolanti @foxyyogamom @clacuru @taylor_munholland

November 23-December 2

Autumn is the season of deep transformation, as nature is moving into the phase of slowing down and hibernation. As humans, we also need to learn to take this time to preserve energy, self-reflect and make time to internalise things.

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Got an idea? Share with us!