Alo just broke ground in the metaverse by introducing an immersive wellness experience on Roblox — and if you’re heading to Google to translate what any of the above means, don’t worry, we’ve got you and your newfound metaverse knowledge covered.

Let’s start with some metaverse 101.

In short, the metaverse is a digital network of 3D virtual worlds that users from around the globe experience in real-time, synchronously. These immersive cyber platforms host an unlimited number of users — each of whom curate a unique sense of self with outfitting and accessorizing of their avatar — and offer millions (literally) of opportunities to socialize, create, and explore.

Think real-life scenarios made virtual.



Roblox — an expansive global platform gathering a worldwide community together through shared virtual experiences — serves as a leading, user-generated developer within the metaverse. Roblox hosts a thriving ecosystem of millions of users each month, making for the perfect partner as Alo works to deepen our long-standing commitment to supporting the mental and overall health of the global community at large.

To further this charge, Alo will be donating to mental health initiatives with each user that joins us within the Alo Sanctuary through our 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, Alo Gives. This project has become an all-hands-on-deck moment for the brand as we work tirelessly and passionately to infuse mind-body wellness within the metaverse on Roblox.


While there’s no better way than signing up and experiencing it for yourself (all for free, we should add), we’re happy to share our excitement with you on all things Alo Sanctuary.

When we say “immersive” we mean it — after creating your avatar, you will be placed on an expansive island landscape that lives, feels, and breathes all things Alo. Our brand name is an acronym for air, land, ocean, so it was only fitting that these three earthy elements encompassed our virtual world.

We curated this space to serve as a true sanctuary: a place of retreat and healing. Soothing sound baths and gentle lapping water from the surrounding beaches fill the digital terrain, and round-the-clock opportunities for mind-body wellness are found at every turn. Get your meditation of the day, tune into yoga classes, and focus on mindfulness with in the Alo Sanctuary.

This scenic oasis features several open-air spaces that you’ll be prompted to explore. P.S. there are surprises sprinkled throughout each space that we recommend not missing out on. Hint hint: aura orbs for your avatar, exclusive Alo gear upgrades, and co-experience opportunities to enjoy with friends.

This virtual world encourages users to immerse themselves in the present. With a selection of guided meditations of varying lengths lead by Kirat Randawa, a yoga studio showcasing new Alo Moves classes daily, and exclusive yoga poses to be unlocked by your avatar, the Alo Sanctuary equips the digital world with a touch of wellness.

The sanctuary also offers our first entrance into digital fashion with a storefront featuring a curated collection of iconic Alo pieces. By exploring the landscape, collecting orbs found throughout, and participating in the mindful movement and guided meditation offerings, your avatar will earn exclusive items from the store and contribute to donations for Alo Gives.

To take this experience a step beyond, Alo is bringing our metaverse experience to life at our Spring Studios wellness sanctuary in New York City as the official wellness partner of New York Fashion Week: The Shows. All in-person activations will mirror the Roblox experience highlighting the power of community, discovery, and creativity.

We’re thrilled to practice, connect, and interact with you alongside our entire Alo community on Roblox — just a reminder that this is a real-time, virtual landscape so you never know whose avatar you’ll get placed next to in the yoga studio *wink wink! As the Alo Sanctuary on Roblox will be available for a limited time, we recommend heading to discover the Alo wellness experience here ASAP and we look forward to seeing you there!